Corporate Team Building

Team building events are without doubt one of the most successful ways to develop your employees, sales teams or dealers into concise, well organised and trained groups.
RMS corporate team building events are designed to drive positive change and enhance team building skills and motivation. We steer clear of any negative impacts and no pressure is placed on any of the guests.

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Return on investment and budgets are big issues for those planning a conference. In tough economic times we need to hold on to our best performing marketing strands and training events are the last thing that should be cut.

RMS offers a diverse range of team building events to suit all requirements and budgets. From cerebral and physical challenges which can all be operated indoors during the colder months. Contact us and we can create a tailor made event for you to suit your exact requirements and budget.
Team Building & Multi activity days | Race Driving | Rib Racing | Go-Karts | 4x4 Driving expeditions | Sailing Charters
Team Building & Multi activity days | Race Driving | Rib Racing | Go-Karts | 4x4 Driving expeditions | Sailing Charters
Team Building & Multi activity days | Race Driving | Rib Racing | Go-Karts | 4x4 Driving expeditions | Sailing Charters
Just a few of our Indoor Team Building Events

Inspired by the iconic show, Crystal Mazed is a challenging event requiring mental skill, physical ability and dexterity as teams compete to earn as many crystals as possible to trade for time in the frantic finale in our Crystal Cube! Using the information and equipment provided teams are required to complete a series of activities around four themes namely Aztec, Medieval, Industrial and Futuristic. The challenges are designed to test your teams’ ability to nominate the best individual to triumph at the task at hand or succeed together as a team. Rotating around each activity in turn, teams must use their skills wisely and pull to their strengths in order to rack up the Crystal rocks in their bid for success. A superb team building event.

Zero Hour
Zero Hour is a fast moving, high energy competition where teams must race against the ticking clock to obtain the highest winning score before the counter reaches zero! This is a fast and furious challenge as each team goes all out to successfully complete as many challenges as possible within the set time frame. Organised into teams of up to 10 each team has a portfolio of the 45 challenges available to choose from and the points available if completed successfully. The activities range from simple table top puzzles and quizzes to complex physical challenges and games but each challenge scores differently, so teams must choose wisely and allocate their resources skillfully to score as many points as possible to win. Teams must have their success verified by an Event Instructor and points logged before rushing off to tackle their next chosen task. This is a competition without limits – any combination of challenges could bag the highest score and secure victory! With 45 different activities all happening simultaneously, the energy and atmosphere will be through the keep one eye on the clock and the other on your competition! “A fantastic event that everyone really kept everyone engaged and enthusiastic throughout. .

Inspired by the famous TV show this fast paced game get's your team cake making against the clock. With a supply of sponge cake, fresh cream, strawberry jam, and cake topping decorations each team of two must make a cake against the clock. it's not as easy as it sounds as it must be a two person effort with points for style, design and appearance and only five minutes per team to complete the challenge. Ideal as a light hearted team building game combined with other more cerebral challenges! .

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